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Introducing the Author
Dorothy H. Stiefel

These books represent a personal portrayal of how the author overcame adversity and encroaching blindness in the prime of her life. Alone, not knowing another person affected with this slow, insidious genetic disorder, she developed her own coping strategies. Through her courage and persistence she was able to reach out to others thereby becoming known as "The RP Lady" and doctors began referring their patients to her for understanding and emotional support. She claims that attitude and faith in oneself, along with developing an indelible sense of humor, has been the key to happiness.

What People Are Saying About Dorothy's Books

"Dorothy Stiefel's booklets are very valuable aids for patients learning of and adapting to their condition. She has good information on daily living and advice which greatly helps patients adapt to their problem."

Richard L. Windsor, O.D.

"...Wow! All I can add is encore!"

Helen Hosse - Memphis, TN

"...we are certain that the more people who are forced to relate to the fact of RP, the better it will be for all..."

Lorraine H. Marchi - Exec. Director, National Association for Visually Handicapped

"...(her works) are very valuable aids for patients learning and adapting to their condition..."

Richard L. Windsor, O.D. - Low Vision Specialist

"...I will recommend your works highly as I believe people with Usher's will have the most to teach us... "

Susan Brooks, Regional Rep. - Helen Keller National Center, Atlanta, GA

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